When? Sunday 27th August 2017 Where? K1 Klub House How much? Ksh 990 per person What? Nothing beats retail therapy besides retail therapy and food. At the K1 Flea Market, you can sell & buy new, second hand and pre-loved items all while indulging in a... read more

THE ERROLL FASHION FOOD FAIR When? Saturday 26th August 9am to 6pm Where? Lord Erroll Restaurant How much? Free entry What? Once again The Lord Erroll is hosting the fashion food fair!. There will be a variety to choose from in both fashion and food vendo... read more

This well established high quality, high value magazine is where you can always expect to find authentic, Kenyan recipes made with wholesome, homegrown ingredients to share with family and friends wherever you are. If you live in the diaspora, then you ca... read more

Let’s bring mums back home   Joy Mutero Oh yeah, I’m going there… not quite the “barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen” scenario, but definitely something in that direction. I hope the recent hullabaloo about raising the minimum wage for do... read more

Of course I can cook. In fact, I quite enjoy cooking on the rare occasions I make it into my kitchen. But the truth is, my cooking is all about filling the stomach. Fancy gourmet is not for me; I just stress too much especially because I don’t know how ... read more